Paintball Chest Protection: Jerseys, Shirts, Protectors

If you're going to play paintball a lot, you'll probably want to invest in some body protection. Your torso is the #1 biggest target in the game, and at some distances, it can hurt to get shot there.

Chest Protector Paintball

While a torso or chest protector isn't required, it's never a bad idea to own one. Especially on hot days, when you're tempted to play paintball in nothing but a T-Shirt, such protection can really come in handy.

Cold days have the advantage of layered clothing, which can protect you from the bruises of getting shot. But when the weather's warm? A chest protector or padded paintball shirt can eliminate the pain and shock of getting hit at close-range or with multiple paintballs.

Chest protection is almost a must for speedball. These games are played in much closer quarters, and the level of weaponry found in speedball games is usually of a higher quality (and firing rate).

Speedball players are faster, better, and more accurate. They're shooting at you from shorter distances, and with those expensive paintball guns on the market. They're also laying down a ton more paint per second.

Chest protectors come in varying levels of padding and protection. Some cover the entire torso, while others cover only the front part of the body.

Some paintball shirts carry built-in padding, while others have room for plastic or mylar inserts. Plastic is often frowned upon by higher-level players however, as the harder surface allows for more paintball breaks than a softer and more giving (padded) one.

Things to Look For in a Torso or Chest Protector

The kind of protection you get for your chest or body will depend upon the type of paintball game you play. You'll also want to take the following things into consideration:


The whole point of wearing protection is to be adequately padded. Make sure you choose a vest, chest, or torso protector that provides enough padding for the type and amount of paintball games you'll be playing.


You'll want to stay cool during a paintball game, even in the winter. Depending upon the climate, and whether or not you'll be playing indoors, try to choose a shirt or chest protector that won't overheat you during gameplay.


What position do you play? If you're the fastest member of a team, or are always running for that far bunker the second the whistle is blown, make sure you're not weighed down with too heavy a paintball protector.


Today's paintball gear is made from some of the highest-quality atheletic materials. Choose a chest protector or paintball jersey with moisture wicking fabric; this will keep the sweat and water away from your body during heavy play.


The more 'joints' in your protective padding, the more flexible it will be. This will make things a lot easier for you to move, twist, and turn while running over the paintball field.


You'll probably wear a shirt or paintball jersey over your padding, so make sure you get a protector that's thin enough to do so. Going overboard with too much padding can slow you down and make it difficult to wear an outer layer of clothing.

Below are some of the more popular options when it comes to paintball chest and torso protection:

Dye Chest Protector Camo Dye Performance Top Chest Protector DyeCam Color
Special Forces Body Armor Bravo Tactical Gear: Special Force Body Armor Ranger Green
DYE Tactical Paintball Vest Dye Paintball Mesh Tactical Combat Vest Color Black
Voodoo Tactical Assault Vest Voodoo Tactical MSP 06 Entry Assault Vest Color Black

Other Paintball Protection & Playing Gear

Stepping onto the paintball field without proper equipment is like showing up to play baseball without a bat and a glove. Make sure you've got the bare minimum essentials, before jumping into a day of paintball.

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