Paintball Harnesses, Belts, & Ammo Tubes

During a day of paintball, expect to shoot at least a half a case of paint. That's over 1,000 balls you need to carry, load, and have ready to shoot by the time the whistle blows for the start of each game.

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The best way to carry all this paint is in ammo tubes. These are lightweight, plastic, easy-to-open tubes you can use to reload your paintball hopper in the heat of battle.

Tubes were traditionally black, until manufacturers began making them out of translucent plastic. This lets players know how much ammo is left in each tube, as well as which ones are empty. All color tubes are available.

And while the tubes are all pretty much the same, the harnesses and paintball belts used to carry those tubes are not. There are a lot of different ways you can carry your ammo, as well as an external air tank system; mounted on your back, on your belt, or even strapped to your leg.

One thing all harness and belt systems have in common: velcro straps. You pull them off to get at your ammo tubes, and slap them back on after you've slid the tube back into position. Most times, during a paintball firefight? You'll be in such a hurry that you'll reload and toss your ammunition tubes to the ground, to be picked up later on after the final whistle blows.

Paintball Harness Types

Harnesses vary widely, and they come in all shapes and sizes. There are big ones and small ones; some hold 2 tubes, 4 tubes, with larger ones even holding six or eight tubes of paint.

Carrying around too much paint can get very heavy, so be sure you get the right harness for the field you play at.

If the playing field(s) are very close to the picnic area or parking lot (or whever you're keeping your case of paintballs), you can get away with a smaller harness. But if your local paintball field hikes you far out into the woods to play six or eight games at a time, you'll need to carry more paint along with you. Nothing sucks more than running out of paint balls halfway through a game, or even worse, have to run back to the car to get more ammo when another game is about to start.

The refs will usually let you know how much paint to bring with you before starting a series of games. You can always reload your paint tubes and harness when you break for lunch as well.

Air Tank Mounting Back Harnesses

One of the advantages of a back harness is that you can carry your air tanks externally. There are several harness models that strap your CO2 or N2 tank securely behind your back, taking a tremendous weight off your paintball marker or gun. Without a heavy tank hanging off the end of it, your gun will feel much more balanced and manuverable.

In this case, you'll need an air pressure system to connect the gun to the tank, with the coiled hose usually traveling under your right arm (if you're right handed). Be sure your harness allows you room for this, to avoid tangles.

Paintball Ammo Belts

Belt-type harnesses carry tubes of paint around your waist, for easy access. The tubes are much easier to get to, and you don't have to reach around your back to pull them out.

Paintball belts can carry ammo tubes horizontally or vertically. Just as with back harnesses, there are different sizes and styles.

Some belts are pocked with velcro enclosures. You can keep everything from your wallet or money to your squeegee, cleaning rag, and anything else you might need while out in the paintball field.

Take a look below at just some of the paintball harnesses and belts available:

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How you wear your belt or harness is entirely up to you. Some players enjoy the benefits of keeping all the weight on their back; it frees up their sides and balances them out.

Other players like the feel of a belt-type ammo tube system. Having your ammunition right there at your hip allows you easier access and faster reloads. You can also put the empty tubes back faster, without having to reach back and fumble around with the velcro enclosures.

Find out which style you like best, and try to minimize the weight by carrying only the ammo you need. Don't go into a paintball game carrying 800 extra rounds when you're heading right to the parking lot or picnic area ten minutes later.

Other Paintball Weapons, Equipment & Protective Wear

There are many different aspects to paintball, and a wide variety of gear. Some of it is required to play the game, while other gear is optional but recommended to players who've taken up the sport on a more regular basis:

Paintball Gear